Heartbreak High, which is a reboot from the ’90s Australian sitcom of the same name, follows high school students as they navigate social status, love and friendship — but what makes the teen drama so great is the Gen-Z cast and their humor to match. So, who is the cast dating IRL? Keep reading to find out!

The Netflix series follows high school teen Amerie (Ayesha Madon), whose Year 11 social ambitions are destroyed after her best friend Harper (Asher Yasbincek) dumps her. Amerie is blamed for the fallout and — making matters worse — the duo’s “incest map,” which details every hook-up (real or rumored) in their year, is discovered.

Along with Ayesha and Asher, Chloe Hayden plays Quinni; Josh Heuston plays Dusty; Thomas Weatherall plays Malakai; Will McDonald plays Ca$h; James Majoos plays Darren and Gemma Chua-Tran plays Sasha.

“I think like there’s a lot of things that get said about ‘eshays’ and that subculture in general but I think sometimes they get a bad rap,” Will told Lifehack of his character. “Ca$h isn’t your typical eshay and we see him go through a lot in the show, but I think that sense of brotherhood is very important to him, they’re his family.”

While some teen shows usually fall into exaggerated drama with unrealistic dialogue that feels like an adult copy and pasting Internet slang, the Heartbreak High cast explained that this series felt true to their own time at high school. “I look at Heartbreak High and it’s definitely still a very genuine representation of my time at high school,” Thomas told Lifehacker in September 2022. “I did feel reading the script that it was a really spot-on representation.”

He continued, “[It’s] important as well to feel that connection on set and in a table read and that kind of thing,” Thomas told NME, “to actually see [other ]mob around the place and feel good about the inclusivity without it feeling tokenistic.”

Scroll through our gallery to uncover the dating histories, exes and relationship histories of the cast of Heartbreak High.

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