Scream Queens fans know Glen Powell from the short-lived FOX show, but he became a household name after playing Jake “Hangman” Seresin in Top Gun: Maverick. However, those aren’t the only two roles that the Texas native has nabbed over the years.

“It’s been night and day,” the actor told GQ in November 2022, reflecting on his career. “Things that have been passion projects for years and things that I really believe in, filmmakers that I’ve always wanted to work with, those things are just finding their way.”

Initially, Glen only thought he was going to act “for fun,” but then he starred booking tons of jobs. Now, he’s producing as well.

“So many actors have this moment where you become a celebrity, and then you have to figure out the talent behind it,” he told GQ in the same interview. “I’ve had the benefit of this slow thing where it’s like nobody knows who I am.”

That being said, he’s diving into his newfound fame full steam ahead.

“I’m happy to do what I’m doing now, which is nonstop: I work all night, I get up, I rehearse, and write and rewrite, and do it all again — that’s great, because I’m actually making a movie,” Glen added. “It’s the first time in my whole career, where I think I’ve felt like, ‘Oh, s–t. I think we’re gonna do this.’”

Other than his Top Gun fame, there’s a niche fandom of rom-com lovers who know Glen from Netflix’s Set It Up with Zoey Deutch. The actor is hopeful that fans of the flick will get to see him and Zoey back on the screen together once again.

“One project we were trying to figure out didn’t really kind of come to fruition,” Glen told Entertainment Tonight in January 2023. “But Zoey and I are very committed to getting back on screen together.”

With all these acting roles and a few producing credits under his belt, it’s safe to say that fans will be seeing a lot more of Glen in the near future. Click through our gallery to see the actor’s total transformation over the years. 

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