When it comes to her love life, Sofia Carson is known for keeping things out of the public eye. Since her claim to fame in the Disney Channel’s Descendants franchise, there have been rumors linking the actress to a few significant others, but other than that it seems like there have only been on-screen love interests for the star. Keep reading for what we know. 

Is Sofia Carson Single?

During an interview with Extra from January 2022, Sofia explained that keeping her private life under wraps is an “absolutely intentional” decision. So, it’s unclear if she’s off the market.

“To me, it’s about my art and the music and the films that I put out into the world and not about my personal life,” the “Loud” songstress explained. “I still do love sharing personal moments that are special to me with fans, but it was definitely a choice to keep my private life private because it’s not what this is about for me. It’s about more than that.”

Who Is Sofia Carson’s Boyfriend?

Throughout her time in the spotlight, Sofia has been romantically linked to Modern Family star Sofia Vergara‘s son Manolo Gonzalez Vergara. Although they never confirmed or denied their relationship, fans were convinced that they were more than friends when she cuddled up to him in December 2016 Instagram post. In February 2018, rumors about their relationship ramped up again when Manolo held Sofia in his arms whilst doing squats in another social media video. It’s unclear if they were ever more than just friends.

What Has Sofia Carson Said About Her Love Life?

So, for Sofia, her work is everything, but that hasn’t stopped her from spilling some tea about her dating life over the years. A lot of her solo songs are about love, but the actress has explained that she’s afraid of falling so deeply for a significant other.

“My whole life I’ve been afraid of falling in love, just because that means being vulnerable and that you could get hurt,” she explained about her song “Ins and Outs” while chatting with Coveteur in December 2017. “The song, to me, is about finding strength in vulnerability, and looking the person you love in the eye and telling them, ‘You can tell me all of your ins and outs. Don’t be afraid, because it will only make it easier to love you.’ It’s a really beautiful, kind of vulnerable love song that’s also a little sexy.”

Scroll through our gallery to read Sofia’s honest quotes about her love life.

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