Not only was the Women's March taking place all over the world this past weekend one of the most motivating and inspiring moments people have seen in a long time, but it also brought us another sweet moment that every Disney Channel fan will absolutely love! The march brought us so many young people and young women of all ages and walks of life including the Shake It Up! stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya!

The actresses traveled to be part of the march in Washington D.C. and they ran into each other! After searching for images on their social medias and coming up empty, a fan shared a picture he got with BOTH of them and our days were made.


The pic that the fan shared is a bit blurry but beggars are not choosers and it is still a sight to see. Check it out below:

Another fan was not satisfied and reached out to Bella on Twitter saying: "@bellathorne you didn't take a picture with zendaya? YOU HAD ONE JOB-"

zendaya bella thorne

Bella responded with a tweet that said she regretted that they did not take one as much as we do saying: "I know I had a chance but instead I took a super cute photo of her infront of the March:)"

At least that is something! It is great to see that two young girls who grew up together in front of our eyes were reunited and it was all for a great cause. The two marched for their own rights as young women and for the rights of millions around the world. That alone shows us how powerful this movement was and hope that these two keep spreading positive messages out into the world, whether it is on their own or together—just please ladies, next time if you can, make sure you take a fire selfie for us all.

Click through the gallery to see their cutest pics together and tell us which is your favorite in the comments.

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