Whenever Friday the 13th rolls around, everyone – especially celebrities – get all hyped up on the latest superstitions. Whether we must forbid ourselves from walking under a ladder or forcing ourselves to pick up a penny we see laying on the street, most superstitions are rather silly. But, in the celebrity world, they are so real. These rituals or superstitions could make or break their career, or so they think.

Obviously, things may happen beyond on our control but Taylor Swift has a weird affinity with the number 13. No really, it actually freaks us out. Every major milestone in her life has had something to do with the number 13. She has opened up about it and it will seriously blow your mind.

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Not only that but Selena Gomez needs olive oil before every performance of hers. What she does with it will make you wonder if all entertainers should keep a bottle of olive oil on hand. These shocking sometimes downright crazy superstitions will make you question what really goes on inside the minds of your favorite celebrities.

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And yes, someone in the biz actually listens to Britany Spears while flying because they think they are destined to listen to her music at the brink of death. We know, #NOTNORMAL.

Click through the gallery and find out if your favorite celeb has a shocking superstition you never knew about!

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This post was originally published on May 13, 2016 and has been updated on June 28, 2017.

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