Whether it's a family outing, bestie beach trip or the romantic European excursion of a lifetime (we mean, probs not) you probably have a vacation scheduled for the summer. More than that, no matter how boring or thrilling the trip actually is, you plan on having it perfectly documented for Instagram…but how?

From Justin Bieber to Taylor Swift, Dove Cameron to Kendall Jenner, all your faves have mastered the art of the perfect vacation Insta, so it only makes sense to look at celebrities Instagrams for tips. We mean, we're already enviously scrolling through their feeds as we're stuck in shore traffic anyway.

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Now, full disclosure guys: there's a slight chance that our favorite celebs tend to vacay at more picturesque places than, you know, we get to when our families drag us to the Jersey shore, or take us to visit our cousins in Virginia. There is also a slight possibility that what you see on Instagram doesn't 110% convey what's happening in real life (we know, you're shook by the news).

But hey, as long as it looks good.

Scroll down to learn some expert vacation Instagram tips from your favorite celebs on holiday!

1. Capitalize on that beautiful sunset.

camila sunset

Also capitalize on the fact that you've been hitting the gym three times a week from January to June.

2. Get in some shots with your new exotic animal friends.

bella pigs

Puppies and kitties are so passé.

3. Don't be afraid to get silly.

cameron dallas silly

It helps if your natural hotness can counteract any weird faces you may make.

4. Saturate your pics so you can see all those vivid colors.

justin bieber tan

And look totally tan even though you got lobster-red on day two.

5. Always show yourself getting in the water, chill as hell.

dove water

While being wrapped in the arms of someone v gorgeous…in a totally chill way.

6. Take plenty of shots that look logistically impossible.

nash grier impossible

Which is to say, make your professional vacation photographer take plenty of shots that look logistically impossible (that's why you hired him!)

7. Allow your instas to climb new heights

shay mitchell bali

Just don't accidentally fall down a hill in Bali because those will not photograph well later.

8. When the moment strikes, strike a cute pose.

taylor pose

But definitely make sure that all your friends are following suit because we stg we will not take this group photo 40 times.

9. Show off how wildly adventurous you are.

wildly adventurous jenner

But stay still long enough to capture it, you can't have your hair getting too windblown.

10. Make sure to capture all the landmarks.

dove paris

But also make sure to capture how cute you look in Paris. Dove gets it.

camila paris

Camila gets it, too.

11. Unplug from technology and announce you're living in the moment.

selena live in the moment

Ideally by posting a fire AF group shot where you look incredible and your friends look… meh, but they'll get over it.

12. Don't forget to get in a picture of the yacht!

kendall yacht

Even if it's just the family yacht which, I know, is soooo dorky at this point.

13. And if you end up breaking things off with your bae after a romantic getaway, make sure to delete all those happy times…

file not found

…but make sure to keep the photos where you're solo and totally toned.

taylor water

I mean, you can be petty, but don't do it at the expense of the perfect ocean pic.

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