One thing is for sure, life is good for celebrity babies. Like so, so good.

Their famous parents always make sure their clothes are top notch whether it's designer or incredibly cool vintage, these kids don't leave the house a mess. But, it's really a win for the fans when these kids look and dress like their celebrity parents. Not only do they look cool AF but so grown up. North West could literally be my stylist, to be honest.

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All of the daddy-son and mommy-daughter duos we have so carefully rounded up prove these people are seriously #FAMGOALS. Between Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter strutting their stuff with the perfect Instagram Boomerang videos ever to DJ Khaled and Asahd Khaled playing mini me WHILE holding a freaking baby tiger. They aren't kidding around either, this all totally serious, totally real and these celebrity parents want you to know how cool their babies really are. Justin Bieber's ex Jayde Pierce got in on the fun too. Her daughter is seriously her mini-me and we can't help but think about the "Sorry" singer's feelings.

If we see one more photo of Liam Payne and Bear Payne being total bro's already in the first few weeks of this kid's life all while in matching entire, we're going to melt or faint. The aesthetic of all these families is just unbeatable.

Click through the gallery and check out your favorite celebrities with their mini-me babies!

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