Actress Daniella Perkins just got real about representation among social media stars. The 19-year-old may be known for her role on Nickelodeon’s Knight Squad, but aside from acting, the 19-year-old has made a successful career on YouTube. On Saturday, December 21, she Twitter and shared her thoughts on the lack of diversity when it comes to popular internet groups.

“I constantly get s**t for not speaking out,” the actress wrote in response to fans asking her option on the latest internet squad, The Hype House. “When I do, people are still mad. I got so many messages about The Hype House thing I decided to share my honest thoughts based on my experiences throughout the years., Clout House, Team 10, now Hype House etc all have very little to no diversity..even though there are hundreds of POC creators dying to get the [opportunity] to join in [what] they’re doing.”

Daniella Perkins Speaks Out About Diversity Among Influencers

She also urged the newest wave of content creators to make sure they are representing everyone when posting videos.

“If your goal is to be a big influencer in the public eye you have a social responsibility to represent your audience,” she said.

For those who don’t know, The Hype House is comprised of various social media stars including Chase Hudson, Tayler Holder, Alex Warren, Bryce Hall and more. Since moving into the mansion, the crew has amassed over 222K on the house’s TikTok account and the home itself serves as the setting for all the creators’ content.

According to Daniella, in response to another Twitter user, “It’s like a new Team 10… 20 white kids in a house. [People] were weirded out [because] every single one of them are white even though they have POC friends [and] apparently they didn’t ask them join what they’re doing.”

She also revealed to followers that some people got mad after she called out creators for their lack of inclusivity.

“I got a lot of messages about [The Hype House] so I said what I said and [people] got mad,” she wrote.

Members from The Hype House have yet to respond to Daniella’s tweet.

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