The Summer Set has had one busy, well, summer! The band has been traveling a ton — they were on this year's AP Tour, Bamboozle, and are now on the road for The 2010 Warped Tour. In between all of that traveling, the band still managed to release a limited edition deluxe version of Love Like This — it includes a free disc of five Taylor Swift cover songs that the band played at the 2010 Hoodwink Festival. The bonus album is called Love Like Swift and is only available at Walmart. J-14 sat down with singer Brian Dales at the Oceanport, NJ, Warped Tour stop to talk about The Summer Set's Warped Tour experience, Taylor Swift, and the song "Chelsea" (it's about Brian's ex, JONAS' Chelsea Staub)!

J-14: What's one thing that's surprised you about Warped Tour?
Brian Dales:
Going into Warped Tour, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It's different than any tour we've ever done — it's all day and you don't find out what time you play until 10 o'clock that morning. Some days I'll play at 11:30 and other I'll play at 7 p.m. You can't get into a routine because every day your schedule is flipped. But this tour is like a really awesome summer camp. There are 100 bands, and we hang out all day and all night. It is really cool.

J-14: Have you gotten advice from any of the other bands?
Bands that we were fans of before like The Rocket Summer and Ace Enders' side project "I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business." They are on the same stage as us, so we get to chat with them, which is cool. We are on the same stage as Sum 41, and I was in 7th grade when I loved them. The band that I wished I hung out with more was The All-American Rejects. They are probably the most fun band to watch on this tour. Tyson Ritter is crazy. Every day he completely blows me out of the water.

J-14: Are you working on new music?
We got two new songs done. We just released a record and we're going to tour again in the fall, but we'll have some time off between Warped Tour and then. Hopefully we'll start working on new songs and if it goes according to plan, this winter we'll work on a record that we can release next summer. We're The Summer Set so it would be great to release a record during the summertime.

J-14: Has Taylor Swift heard your covers of her songs yet?
Not that I know of. I'll have to tweet her. I want her to find out! That would be nice. I had the most fun playing "I'm Only Me When I'm With You," which is one of the songs from her first record. That's one of my favorite songs to play because it's fast and one of the most high-energy songs that we played [at Hoodwink]. It was a chance for us to do a lot of harmonies — even [bassist] Steven [Gomez] was singing, which doesn't normally happen.

J-14: Do you still have fun playing "Chelsea?"
We've been closing with that song for two and a half years. We've always wanted to do this version of "Chelsea" where we open with the chorus, which the recorded version doesn't do. We do this really '80s metal rock & roll intro to the song that we've never really done but we've always wanted to do it — it seemed really appropriate for Warped Tour.

J-14: Is it tough to date when you're on the road?
I dated [Chelsea Staub] for a whole year while I was on tour. I was literally on tour for my entire relationship. It worked. It was actually the times between tours that I wasn't good at being in a relationship — I was used to being on the road. Even if you are miles away, you have to still show that you're still there — it's 2010 and there is a lot of technology that can aid the distance. I'd try to call at least once a day. I have a lot of downtime, so I could iChat if I wanted to. The last record that came out is essentially about that — that distance between two people.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out The Summer Set's video for "Chelsea" right here — Chelsea Staub is even in it!

Photo: Courtesy of 'Stache Media

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