Is anyone else obsessed with Disney/Pixar’s newest film, Onward? For those who missed it, the movie is about two teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, who go on a journey to try to uncover whether or not there is still a little magic left in the world.

And you guys are never going to guess who played Ian! Drum roll please… It’s none other than Spider-Man star Tom Holland! Wow, who knew?!

Ahead of the film’s release, Tom revealed that it was a dream come true to take on the voice role.

“I think that every young actor sets goals, and I have mine that I set when I was a kid. They’re still the same today, and one of them was being in a Pixar movie,” he told Collider in March 2020. “So, when they were kind enough to fly all the way to London to meet me, to tell me your story, and to pitch me the movie, I was just so humbled. That is the first time anyone had come to me. I was like, ‘This is amazing. It’s Pixar.'”

For Tom, deciding to play Ian was a “very easy decision.”

“You don’t say no to Pixar. The nice thing about it is that they have this family feel, that Marvel also has. We were welcomed into this wonderful family with such open arms, and it was such an amazing process,” he added at the time. “I still can’t quite believe that this film is about to come out. It feels like yesterday, that we started working on it. I’m just super pumped to see it and to experience this amazing thing that we’ve all created.”

What about Aladdin? Did you guys know that Full House‘s Scott Weinger actually voiced the street rat we all know and love?

Although the animated character has become a fan favorite since, Scott actually didn’t expect much to come from the audition.

“Honestly, I just auditioned for it. It wasn’t like I had any special interest in animation or access or anything. It was an unusual thing because I had never worked in animation before and I was acting on a sitcom [in Los Angeles] as a kid actor,” he told Forbes in May 2019. “It was before Full House and my mom said, ‘After work today, you have an audition.’ I said, ‘For what?’ She said, ‘Some cartoon.'”

It turns out, Scott and Tom are not the only big actors to voice one of our favorite animated characters.

Yep, this may come as a shock, but a bunch of Hollywood’s biggest stars were secretly behind some epic cartoon characters back in the day!

Scroll through our gallery to uncover who voiced your favorite cartoon characters, and prepare to be shook.

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