It’s safe to say that the OG Disney Channel squad (consisting of the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato) were a big part of many fans’ childhoods. For those who forgot, they starred in a bunch of fan favorite TV shows and movies, slayed the charts with their music and were pretty much all anyone talked about back in 2008.

Plus, the fact that they were all super close had everyone obsessed with their friendship! These stars were constantly hanging out, sharing the cutest pictures together and gushing over each other in interviews back in the day, and fans were seriously striving to find a relationship like theirs. But unfortunately, as people grow up it’s only natural for them to drift apart — especially when they’re busy touring the world, starring in a bunch of new roles and pursing their careers.

So what ever happened to this iconic group of friends? Did they stay close? Do they still talk? Did a rift tear them apart? J-14 decided to break it all down once and for all! Scroll through our gallery for a complete guide to who from the OG Disney Channel squad is still friends and who isn’t anymore.

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