Today marks nine years since the first Camp Rock movie aired on Disney Channel and the cast has definitely been busy since then. Literally almost a decade since we first met Demi Lovato as the one and only Mitchie Torres, the voice Joe Jonas was hearing in side his head, the missing piece he needed. Demi took to Twitter to share her thoughts about this milestone day.

All the feels rn. Seriously though, Mitchie and Shane were legit goals and although their real-life romance was romance and didn’t stand the test of time like we all know in our hearts their characters’ love story did, they’re still the best of friends. Demi is still super close with the other members of Connect 3 as they were called in the movie, Nick and Kevin Jonas too, so the Jonas/Lovato friendship is the true gift from this DCOM. Who could forget when Joe posted a selfie stunning couple of the pair and wrote “CR3?” in the caption.

joe jonas demi lovato

The world got two movies from this musical series and most of the cast has admitted they would totally be down for Camp Rock 3, as long as they did it on their own terms, meaning it’s going to be “darker” and much more twisted than the Disney Channel version. Plus, Joe exclusively told us he needs to have his DNCE bandmates in the flick too, so we’re just going to hope this movie will actually happen one day.

To top it all off, Demi is currently spending this v special day with both Nick and Joe. She took to Snapchat where she posted a video of Nick trying to snap a selfie, followed by an adorable pic of her and Joe featuring some cute filters.

demi and joe snapchat selfie 2017

The trip is currently on a boat together, proving the friends you make at Camp Rock are forever.

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In honor of it being nine years exactly since Camp Rock was released, click through the gallery to see what some of the stars of both movies are up to now!

This post was originally published on April 1, 2015 and has since been updated.

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