There’s no doubt that October 29, 2013, will go down in history as one of the worst days in a lot of people’s lives. And that’s because it was the day the Jonas Brothers broke up. We honestly hate thinking about it because it makes us so emotional, but now that they’ve reunited, we guess we’re mentally stable enough to recap what went down.

That’s right. For those who missed it, the Jonas Brothers are officially back — six years after the heartbreaking split! Not only did NickJoe and Kevin Jonas release a new album together, Happiness Begins, but they also embarked on an epic world tour! Wow, seeing them on stage together again is seriously a dream come true. And on November 7, 2019, Nick let fans know that they don’t have to worry about the band breaking up again anytime soon.

“Once we reopened that door, there’s no closing it,” he told People Magazine. “Now we have a system in place with each other to kind of understand that the ‘break up’ word is not in our vocabulary anymore. If we need to go and do different things and take time on our own, we can do that in a healthy way and not apply the pressure to continue to work that we did last time.”

Phew! That’s the best news ever! But what exactly caused our favorite Disney boys to go their separate ways back in October of 2013? And what made them decide to get back together? We’re breaking it down for you. Scroll through our gallery to find out why the Jonas Brothers broke up and how they decided to reunite.

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