It’s time to celebrate the hit MTV series that we miss oh so dearly. Yep, that’s right. We’re talkin’ Awkward. After five seasons, the show’s finale wrapped with some majors twists. And while us fans were holding out for a sixth and final season, we weren’t the only ones hoping the show would last longer. The cast was too!

“I want the show to last forever,” Jillian Rose Reed (AKA Tamara) told TVLine. “I feel at home with the show and I’m still so in love with these characters and these people who I consider my family. I’d love to do a few more seasons or even a spinoff … We filmed this season as if it was the last, and I would be happy with the way things end for [Tamara] if this is it.”

Ugh, we’re forever hoping for a reunion! So what is the cast up to now? Scroll through the gallery to see where the cast of MTV’s Awkward is now!

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