Awkward's Jillian Rose Reed and singer-songwriter, Marty Shannon, are the cutest and the most low-key couple on Instagram at the moment. The pair has never been shy about publicly showing their affection and have the chill pictures to show it. The couple, who has been together for over four years now, share an easygoing vibe and comfort with one another that is sure to make other couples' jealous.

Whether the couple is collaborating on duets for YouTube videos, singing beautiful and soothing tunes like they did for their "Say Something" video, simply relaxing at home, taking selfies with their cat and goofing off on Snapchat, or getting pictures taken by their photog friends – the couple is constantly winning us over with their sweet demeanor and obvious love for one another.

That's why this week, we couldn't help but make this longtime duo our Couple of the Week!

Scroll through the gallery of adorable Jillian and Marty pictures and let us know what you think of our latest Couple of the Week in the comment section below!

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