Ten whole years ago today, the beloved show Gossip Girl aired for the very first time, and the world was never the same. Yep that's right – it premiered on September 19, 2007, and ever since then, fans fell in love with the high-class Upper East Side teens from New York City. The binge-worthy classic stands the test of time to this day, which is why we are celebrating its 10-year anniversary the very best way we know how – by honoring the stars of the juicy drama, of course.

Sadly for fans, the show ended in 2012. Since then, the actors and actresses who played the iconic characters have done so much both professionally and personally. From getting married and having babies to trying their hand on Broadway to pursuing their musical passions, they have really grown up and grown out of the characters once were. However, the GG squad will always live on through the power of nostalgia.

As for if there will be a reunion, it doesn't really seem impossible since Leighton Meester, yes the one and only Blair Waldorf, doesn't seem all that sold on the idea.

"Yeah, I don’t really hear [talk of] that… I guess I hear that in fits and starts here and there, but it’s hard to say. If everyone was into it and if the timing was right, you know?" she said in an interview. "I don’t want to say, 'No, never.'"

Huh, okay then. If there was a reboot of some sort, it seems like the cast would definitely have some refreshing to do – mostly because Ed Westwick (AKA Chuck Bass) admitted in the same interview that he doesn't even know how the show ended. "I still am not sure who GG was lol," he confessed.

In light of the anniversary, we decided to find out where the cast is now, and you'll be shocked when you see how much they've changed. Don't say we didn't warn you! XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Click through the gallery to see how different the Gossip Girls stars' lives are now.

This post was originally published on September 20, 2016 and has since has been updated.

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