It may be hard to believe, but Stacey Dash turned 53 years old on Monday, January 20. The actress was only 28 years old when the fan-favorite flick Clueless premiered in 1995, which means it’s been 24 years since the movie first hit theaters.

For those who forgot, the romantic comedy followed rich girl Cher who’s the most popular girl in her Beverly Hills school. Inspired to give back, she befriends the new girl, Tai, and gives her a full makeover. The new BFFs argue when they both fall for Cher’s ex-stepbrother Josh. This leads Cher to admit she feels “totally clueless,” so she starts to reflect on her life and realizes that she needs to start treating those around her better. She eventually reveals her feeling for Josh and the two fall in love.

Other than Stacey, the movie also starred Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, Elisa Donovan, Donald Faison and Wallace Shawn. What has the cast been up to since the film premiered? Well, J-14 did some investigating and turns out they’ve all stayed in the spotlight, went on to have super successful acting careers and have grown up so much!

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