This may be hard to believe, but it’s been more than 25 years since the fan-favorite flick Clueless premiered in 1995.

As fans know, the cult-classic ’90s romantic comedy followed rich girl Cher who’s the most popular girl in her Beverly Hills school. Inspired to give back, she befriends the new girl, Tai, and gives her a full makeover. The new BFFs argue when they both fall for Cher’s ex-stepbrother, Josh. This leads Cher to admit she feels “totally clueless,” so she starts to reflect on her life and realizes that she needs to start treating those around her better. She eventually reveals her feeling for Josh and the two fall in love.

Starring Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, the late Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd and Elisa Donovan, among others, the movie is still seriously iconic with almost every generation reciting some of Cher’s most famous lines. Not to mention, each Halloween, girls break out their yellow plaid outfits to recreate some of the film’s epic fashion.

“There were three options for this opening scene — a blue version, a red version and the yellow version,” Alicia told Vogue in August 2020, reflecting on the movie’s now-iconic costumes. “It’s a nod to a school girl uniform, but in an elevated, chic, very high-fashion way. And it’s so absurd. Immediately you’re transformed and you know the world that you’re in, because that’s not how kids dress to go to school.”

When it came time to choosing which color they planned to go with, the actress explained that the yellow “was the most appropriate for the scene.”

“Every single Halloween, I get pictures sent to me, and they’re always in the yellow plaid outfit,” Alicia added. “No one knows where that yellow plaid outfit is. At least we have the memory.”

It’s safe to say that Clueless has since become of the most rewatchable movies ever, but what has the cast been up to since the film premiered? Well, J-14 did some investigating and turns out they’ve all stayed in the spotlight, went on to have super successful acting careers and have grown up so much! Click through our gallery to check out what the Clueless cast is up to now. 

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