Disney Channel’s throwback movies are everything! Pixel Perfect, for one, premiered in January 2004 and immediately became a fan favorite flick.

Starring Raviv Ullman, Leah Pipes, Porscha Coleman and Tania Gunadi, the movie followed the story of a teenager named Roscoe (Raviv) who tried to help his best friend Samantha’s (Leah) band — the Zetta Bytes — by creating a hologram of the perfect pop star to front the girl group. The talented hologram, Loretta, started to cause a rift in Roscoe and Samantha’s friendship when he started to develop romantic feelings for Loretta, despite her being part of a computer program.

While most of the stars have since gone on to continue their acting careers, Spencer Redford — who played Loretta — has since stepped out of the spotlight. Following her role in the DCOM, the actress nabbed a few other roles, but hasn’t appeared on screen since 2007. It appears that she doesn’t have any social media, so it’s unclear exactly what the former star is up to now.

Despite these actors having moved on from their Disney Channel days, fans are still able to rewatch Pixel Perfect on Disney+. Not to mention, the movie’s soundtrack has some seriously iconic songs, including “Nothing’s Wrong With Me,” “Notice Me,” “Get Real” and “When the Rain Falls.” Once you listen to these tunes, all the early 2000s memories will start flooding back.

“It was a part of their childhood,” Raviv told E! News in Aril 2022 about fans still watching his Disney Channel movies and TV shows. “I look back on the shows that I grew up on and I know where I was when I was watching them. I would love to live that life now, go to school, come back, eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and watch my favorite TV shows.”

When reflecting on his fame, the Phil of the Future alum explained that he “just wanted to work,” noting he was “never consciously” trying to stray from Disney. Raviv added, “I look back at that time and, even though it is a centerpiece of my career at this point, it was one of many jobs that I’ve done over, you know, the 25 years that I’ve been working in the industry.”

Scroll through our gallery to find out what the cast of Pixel Perfect is up to now.

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