This may be hard to believe, but Leah Pipes — who you may remember as Samantha from Pixel Perfect — turned 32 years old on Wednesday, August 12, which means it’s officially been 16 years since the fan-favorite movie premiered. That’s right, the Disney Channel Original Movie first hit TV screens on January 16, 2004, and fans are pretty shook over how fast time has gone by. It feels like just yesterday that viewers were introduced to Raviv Ullman, Spencer Redford, Porscha Coleman and Tania Gunadi

For those who forgot, the movie followed teenager Roscoe who tried to help his best friend Samantha’s band, the Zetta Bytes, by creating a hologram to front the girl group. The hologram, named Loretta, started to cause a rift in Roscoe and Samantha’s friendship when Roscoe started to develop romantic feelings for Loretta, despite her being part of a computer program.

What have the stars been up since the film first aired? Well, J-14 decided to investigate and it turns out some have gone on to have major careers while others stepped out of the spotlight entirely. Scroll through our gallery to find out what the cast of Pixel Perfect is up to now.

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