So many notable names surprisingly had appearances on Big Time Rush during the early days of their career!

Kendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVegaLogan Henderson, James Maslow starred as fictionalized versions of themselves in the Nickelodeon series, which aired for four seasons from 2009 until 2013. Once the show came to an end, the four musicians continued making music. Over the years they released three albums before taking a brief hiatus. Following the end of their 2014 tour, the group went their separate ways and officially reunited in 2021 to make new music, which was released in December of that year.

“A blessing in disguise was that the music was good when it started, but after a year of revising, revisiting, figuring out what we want to do, our music now is so much better,” James told People in December 2021 of their comeback. “So everything happens for a reason. And we’re super pumped for the fans.”

The singer added: “Now we have a whole new group of fans. My niece is 7, 8 years old at this point. She’s become a huge fan over the last year because she just started watching the series.”

Before they actually got back together, the members of Big Time Rush had been teasing a comeback for years.

“I’m down, so we just gotta get the other guys,” Kendall told CelebSecrets in December 2018. “Why not? Of course! We had a good time … I think everybody’s in.”

The boys told PopCrush in January 2022 that it was an easy transition for them to start making music together again.

“We started the whole process about two years ago in 2019 talking about it and deciding, ‘Hey, we really want to do this,’ and then [going and figuring] out how we do it,” Logan recalled. “So we’re psyched to finally be here. … This first song was like the umbrella for the sound that we were kind of going for and it’s a good thread to carry the rest of the music.”

James added, “I think everybody matured in their own ways — in all very positive ways, too. So the whole process has been more fun because of that. Sonically, I think the song’s just working even better than it did before.”

While the show may not be coming back just yet, the boys’ return to music is everything that fans have ever wanted! Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the stars you totally forgot guest-starred in Big Time Rush.

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