Although Big Time Rush has sadly been off the air and out of our lives for a couple of years now, fans haven't stopped itching for some kind of reunion between the guys despite them having gone their separate ways. Though getting the band back together might not be something that's on the guys radars right now, it's always in the cards according to Logan Henderson. The actor recently sat down with the Zach Sang Show and talked all about the BTR days, and how he’ll always consider the guys – Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, and Carlos PenaVega, as part of his family.

So when was the last time he talked to the guys?

"I haven't talked to the guys in a while. I talked to Kendall recently and James I talked to not too long ago but haven't talked to them in a minute,” he explained.

Would they ever get back together for a reunion?

"I would be more than happy to get in with any of those guys at any point in the studio. They're all up there."

"It's like brothers, you learn pretty much everything [about each other]. You learn exactly what makes them laugh and makes them get pissed off, you push buttons all the time. They're brothers. We love each other to death and they'll be the death of me," Logan joked.

What does Logan miss most abut those BTR days?

"I think the camaraderie and our live shows were a lot of fun, they were insane,” he dished.

How did the show and band come together?

"It was all at one time, it was a really strange audition process. It just was like, you never plan for that, but the river's wild. I was ready to stop working at Jamba Juice so I was like I'll do this. It was a once in a time lifetime type of thing, it was amazing. Of course, I had to do it."

What’s the most important thing he learned from the band?

"How to get along with people. Learning how to get along and being super thankful for the moment and not focusing on the future or the past, just being in the moment."

Does he still keep in touch with the One Direction boys?

"I haven't talked to those guys in a while. Last show that I went to, Niall was performing but I didn't get a chance to see him. But they're killing, some of those records are great."

Gotta love that little Niall shoutout. In the meantime, we've got our fingers crossed for that reunion.

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