The iconic show I Didn’t Do It officially premiered on Disney Channel on January 17, 2014!

For those who forgot, the series said its bittersweet goodbye back in October 2015 after two seasons on the air. The fan-favorite comedy show followed competitive twins Lindy and Logan Watson and their group of friends as they entered their freshman year of high school. Each episode of the series featured the same storyline told differently from both Lindy and Logan’s point of view. Naturally, each story they told was a total disaster!

The show, which starred Olivia Holt, Piper Curda, Austin North, Peyton Clark, Sarah Gilman, Karen Malina White and Theodore Barnes, reunited Olivia and Austin who were also costars in Kickin’ It. This time around, they played fictional twins!

During an interview from 2014, Austin gushed over working alongside the actress calling it “awesome.”

“We met when I played Ricky Weaver on her last show Kickin’ It and have been friends ever since,” the actor said at the time. “We are really comfortable working together and it’s a lot of fun.”

At the time, he also talked about his character, Logan, and explained how the two were similar. “I am really chill and love my sister and friends in real life. I like to have a good time!” Austin said.

Olivia, for her part, told Starry Magazine at the time that she loved starring in I Didn’t Do It because “a lot of the things they are going through are what the majority of my generation is going through now.

“I think that’s a cool thing for the audience to see and relate to,” Olivia explained. “They get to see who they are and they are there for each other. There are a lot of feels going on this season.”

Following the show’s success, all the stars went on to appear in other projects, but they’ve all stayed in Hollywood scene and some even went on to nab roles in some major TV shows and movies! Olivia, for one, got real about her transition out of Disney Channel during an interview with Entertainment Weekly in May 2017.

“Just like how I may not be ready for something and need to ease my way into it, my fans are the same away, so it’s all a process,” she explained. “I’ve decided I’m just going to take one day and a time and not make any rash decisions and be mindful of who I am. I don’t want to just shock people with something crazy to let them know I’m now mature and ready.”

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