How time flies! Austin & Ally premiered on Disney Channel in 2011 and aired on the network until 2016. As fans know, the show — which aired its first episode on December 2, 2011 — starred Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Calum Worthy, Raini Rodriguez, among others.

Ally (played by Laura)was a shy songwriter who suffered from major stage fright while Austin (played by Ross) was a confident singer, and together they made a perfect pair. Their magical relationship started when, without Ally’s knowledge, Austin went ahead and stole one of the songs she wrote. When Ally wanted to let people know that she actually wrote the tune, Austin begged her to have them work together on music instead. Eventually, she agreed, and the show documented their journey together as they tried to handle Austin’s newfound fame. It went on for four epic seasons before coming to an end on January 10, 2016.

Even though the cast has gone on to star in other projects and kick off successful music careers, they’re still closer than ever! “I think the really cool part about the whole cast and crew of Austin & Ally is we are just so insanely supportive of each other — even not working on the show anymore,” Laura told Elite Daily in March 2019.

Nearly a year later, the entire Austin & Ally cast teamed up for a virtual reunion inn May 2020. That same month, Laura chatted with E! News‘ In the Room about getting the cast back together for a possible movie.

“We’ve talked about it a bunch. We’ve all been very, kind of, public about it. I would, in a heartbeat, be down to do a movie. For sure,” she said. “I’m like yes, yes, yes, for it! But obviously, one, our schedules are all crazy — not necessarily now — but our schedules are crazy and, two, it’s not really up to us. I think all of us, like, we loved working together. We love hanging out. We truly had a really special bond. So, we’re down.”

In the years since the show went off the air, the cast has certainly grown up a lot. Some of them went on to star in a bunch of TV shows and movies, while others stepped out of the spotlight to start families of their own! Scroll through our gallery to see what the stars from Austin & Ally are up to now.

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