If there’s one thing we learned about Disney Channel stars, it’s that they know how to have fun behind the scenes! From silly pranks to embarrassing moments, stars like Zendaya and Laura Marano have opened up about some of the funniest moments they’ve ever had on set!

One awkward moment happened after Blake Michael and G.Hannelius went a bit too far with their prank in Dog With a Blog.

“I dipped my hand in a cup of water, and then, I used my fingers to make it seem like I was sneezing on someone, so I splattered the water on the back of their neck. G. [Hannelius] discreetly filmed, and I did that to a ton of people,” he exclusively told J-14.

“We did it to our set teacher, and we did it over and over and over, and she didn’t realize that it was a prank. She thought that I was actually sick. We have this all on video and she got really mad when she realized it was a joke.” Uh-oh!

The Austin & Ally actress also spoke about an awkward accident when filming on set. Apparently, Calum Worthy didn’t know his own strength when filming a scene with Ross Lynch!

“Calum was supposed to lightly tap Ross in the stomach and do a boy thing, I don’t know. So, we’re doing the scene, and Calum does it and doesn’t even know his own strength and it sounds like he just punched Ross in the gut,” Laura Marano said in an interview with J-14.

“There was a very loud audible sound that came out of the tap that Calum was supposed to do on Ross’ chest. And so, Calum just stops and is like, ‘Dude, are you all right?’ It was so funny! Everyone started laughing so hard, and it was so hilarious.”

And that’s not all! Click through the gallery to see behind-the-scenes secrets that will make your jaw drop!

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