Let's face it: Disney Channel mean girls are usually the most annoying characters EVER. Like, sometimes, it even feels like we're the ones who are getting picked on. But if you think about it, this is exactly what makes them so memorable!

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Stefanie Scott played A.N.T. Farm's resident mean girl, Lexi Reed, but has since ditched the blonde hair that she sported on the show. Since her memorable role in the series, she's appeared in Jem and the Holograms and Insidious: Chapter 3. Talk about a new look!

Meanwhile, before Shadowhunters, Kat McNamara played Bryn Breitbart on Jessie, taking on the role of the snobby girl who was Emma Ross' nemesis at East View High School. And who could forget about the dynamic duo of Shanica and Anna on Hannah Montana? They're total sophisticates today!

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Click through the gallery to see how some of your favorite Disney Channel villains have grown up! Which mean girl was your fave?

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