It’s safe to say that Disney Channel Original Movies like High School Musical, Teen Beach Movie, Descendants, The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Camp Rock were a big part of everyone’s childhoods. And by now, fans have probably watched them over a million times! That’s why viewers may be shocked to learn that there were actually some major errors in a bunch of classic Disney Channel films that they may have never noticed!

Yep, J-14 went ahead and rounded up all the mistakes from fan favorite DCOMs that even the most eagle-eyed viewers probably didn’t know about. From inconsistencies to missing items to stunt doubles that look nothing alike, there were some serious blunders in these flicks that went by so quickly, you’d miss them just by blinking your eyes!

Have you spotted these mistakes? Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the errors in Disney Channel movies that you probably never noticed.

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