Might be a bit hard to believe, but it’s been an entire decade and then some since High School Musical 2 aired on Disney Channel for the first time ever. 11 years, to be exact. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? Seriously, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since we all first saw Troy work out his feelings in a golf course belting out “Bet On It,” Sharpay taught us the true meaning of living your best, most fabulous life in the summer, and Gabriella — accompanied by a heartbroken Troy — gave the world the best breakup song of all time, “Gotta Go My Own Way.” So makes perfect sense why it’s still the most watched DCOM ever, setting a record for basic cable with 17.2 million viewers tuning in for that first airing. Iconic. 

And the official red — or shall we say, blue — carpet premiere of the flick took place in actual Disneyland and it was a time, let me tell you. It was filled with of course the beloved HSM cast, along with other Disney Channel stars and basically shows us what life was like in 2007. Short version: very different and most likely no one would wear these outfits today. What better way to celebrate 10 years of HSM 2 than by taking a trip down memory lane…

Zanessa posed together, looking so cute and in love.

zac efron and vanessa hudgens hsm 2 premiere

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Z + V 4ever. Well, at least in our hearts since the couple split years ago and they have each moved on with their lives. So we’ll never get to see them posing like this again in our lives. Ever. Just let that sink in while you stare at their oh so smiley faces.

Selena Gomez showed up wearing a tank top and some rather eye-catching bracelets.

selena gomez hsm 2 premiere

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First off, this top is everything. “Let’s Rock A No Roll,” not even sure what that means tbh. And she went with a bold accessory choice, perhaps to compliment her teal heels? But regardless, Sel looks adorable, awkward teenage outfit and all.

Zac Efron hung out with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, like they were the legit King and Queen.

zac efron hsm 2 premiere

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Well okay if we’re being fair, Mickey and Minnie ARE Disney in a nutshell so, yes, they do run the place. But everyone wanted to snag pics with them, especially Minnie. We kid you not. For example:

Monique Coleman got sassy with Minnie.

monique coleman minnie mouse hsm 2 premiere

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Because sure why not?

Cody Linley wooed Minnie.

cody linley minnie mouse hsm 2 premiere

(Photo Credit: Getty)

With that very 2007 haircut, we can see why she couldn’t resist his charms.

And Emily Osment had a twinning moment with Minnie.

emily osment hsm 2 premiere

(Photo Credit: Getty)

Goals, really. Also, her silver purse. EVERYTHING.

David Henrie’s pose game was strong AF.

david henrie hsm 2 premiere

(Photo Credit: Getty)

Just look at that umm, smolder we’ll call it? Sure, let’s go with that.

Jake T. Austin was a legit baby and it’s just precious.

jake t austin hsm 2 premiere

(Photo Credit: Getty)

He was only 12 years old when he attended this premiere and those red sneakers are just too cute. The vest and shiny short combo is honestly too much to handle! A much different look than we’re used to seeing on him now, that’s for sure.

Ashley Tisdale posed with a dog.

Ashley had this little pooch snuggle up next to her and the movie’s director, Kenny Ortega. The dog appears to be wearing a baseball uniform. We have a feeling the dog has no desire to be there. At all. But at least he looked fabulous. 

ashley tisdale kenny ortega hsm 2 premiere

(Photo Credit: Getty)

Miley Cyrus was another human at this time.

miley cyrus hsm 2 premiere

(Photo Credit: Getty)

Yes, we know she’s always been Miley, but seeing her like this just takes us back to a much different time and she’s often spoken about how peak Hannah Montana-era Miley was not the most accurate representation of her true self. She has worn hot pink sparkles since then though and she’s still all about the peace signs. So maybe she hasn’t changed as much as we all think. We can spot that winged eyeliner a mile away though. Epic.

Also, Billy Ray Cyrus.

billy ray and miley hsm 2 premiere

(Photo Credit: Getty)

Yeah, probs won’t catch Miley and her dad walking a red carpet together today. Wonder why he didn’t take his shade off. Doesn’t seem like it was all that sunny…

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