High School Musical 2 will forever be a Disney Channel Original Movie that goes down in history. To this day, it holds the record for basic cable with 17.2 million viewers on the day of its premiere – August 17, 2007, to be exact. It is really hard to wrap our heads around the reality that the DCOM classic aired ten whole years ago, but the fact that the movie still means so much to people today proves just how timeless the musical is. Like, come on, “You Are the Music in Me” will never stop giving us all the feels.

Troy and Gabriella are and will forever be one of the most iconic and beloved DCOM couples the world has ever seen, so we are honoring them on this 10-year HSM 2 anniversary by taking a little walk down memory lane. Troy and Gabriella (AKA Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, the real-life couple that is no more) definitely went through a serious rough patch throughout the HSM sequel, and it still truly does things to our hearts just thinking about it all. A lot went down, so we’re breaking it all down for you, in timeline form, of course.

Watch the video above to see Troy and Gabriella’s High School Musical 2 journey – because it’s a beautiful one.

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