What time is it? It's summertime! That's right, today marks the first day of summer, and if nothing else that means you have memories of the instant classic High School Musical 2 on your mind while you're sweating it out in class.

Even though the sequel is approaching it's 10 year anniversary(!!!) it still stands out as the greatest installment of the trilogy, showcasing the glory days of Zanessa, the utter fabulosity of Sharpay, and yes, a Lava Springs talent show that nobody will ever forget. And let's be honest, don't we all occasionally rewatch Zac Efron's iconic performance of "Bet On It" when we're feeling particularly anguished? For these reasons and more, it seems that taking out the "High School" from High School Musical made it a thousand times more magical.

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Short version: High School Musical 2 is the only summer movie that matters, if not the only movie on the planet that matters. So to celebrate the first day of summer, allow these vintage gifs of Zefron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and the rest of the Wildcats explain the joy of realizing it's summertime.

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