You won’t believe what Good Luck Charlie star Bradley Steven Perry has been up to after the beloved Disney Channel show ended back in 2014.

Since then, the actor, who played Gabe Duncan in the iconic series, has also starred in other Disney Channel TV shows and movies, such as Mighty Med from 2010-2013 as Kaz, and then in the spin-off Lab Rats: Elite Force in 2016. Along with other Disney shows, he has also guest-starred in the ABC series Speechless.

In 2011, Perry landed a role in the Disney Channel original movie Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure opposite Ashley Tisdale. In the film, Perry played Roger Elliston III, Sharpay’s rival, competing to get his dog a starring role on Broadway.

Good Luck Charlie is still Bradley’s biggest claim to fame, and even years after the show ended, the cast still remains close-knit: reuniting for family dinners, hikes and even life’s biggest moments. Just in 2021, Bradley graduated from the University of Southern California.

“There was this instant connection and chemistry that we had that you can’t plan, you can’t recreate,” said Jason Dolley, who played PJ Duncan on the show, in a 2020 interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Sometimes you just get lucky and it happens. And we all felt like a family pretty much right from the beginning. That translating to the screen, it becomes instantly relatable. Even 10 years later, you’re watching a family just like yours.”

In the same interview, which reunited the cast to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Bradley had this to say of the beloved show.

“My favorite memory was growing up. Everything I did. It was my first experience as a kid and then as a young teenager,” he said. “Leigh was the one who gave me the birds and the bees talk on set. There were countless things I grew up doing. It was the first show I really worked, and at the time, I thought, ‘Wow, if this is TV, this is awesome! This is the best line of work!’ You go on to other shows or you go on to other movies or whatever you do, and you realize how special this thing was and how unique of a situation we had.”

Scroll through our gallery to see what the star has been up to over the years. 

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