Before Joey King was known for her Kissing Booth role, the actress starred alongside Selena Gomez in the 2010 movie Ramona and Beezus.

Based on a book series of the same name by Beverly Cleary, the movie followed the story of third grade student Ramona Quimby (played by Joey) and her older sister Beatrice (played by Selena). Throughout the movie, Ramona finds herself getting into trouble after her and Beatrice’s dad loses their job. The youngster starts thinking of creative schemes to earn her family money, one of which includes meddling in her sister’s romantic relationship. Aside from Joey and Selena, the movie’s cast also included major stars, including Hutch DanoGinnifer GoodwinJohn CorbettBridget Moynahan and Josh Duhamel.

“The whole point of the movie, in my eyes, is kind of showing the world that there’s not always a perfect family,” said of the film while chatting with in 2010. “People do struggle with financial problems and family problems, and you kind of need your family the most when you’re in situations like that.”

While playing sisters onscreen, Selena and Joey got pretty close. In fact, the Netflix star told Entertainment Tonight in February 2019, that she still looks up to the Wizards of Waverly Place alum even though they haven’t seen each other “in a really long time.”

“From the time we worked together until now, I’ve always really looked up to her,” Joey gushed at the time. “I’m really proud of everything she’s done. … I think that everything she’s been doing lately with speaking out about mental health, I think it’s so beautiful and inspiring.”

The Act star added, “She just shows everyone every day that no matter what your Instagram follower count says, no matter how much you may or may not edit your pictures, no matter how many photo shoots you do, no matter what your life is like, it’s OK to not be OK. I really love that she puts it out there for everyone to see. It’s very vulnerable for her. She’s a big inspiration to people, whether she realizes it or not.”

Joey, just like Selena, has come a long way since her time on the Ramona and Beezus. After a bunch of starring roles, she nabbed a deal with Netflix in July 2021 to develop and produce movies for the streaming service! Scroll through our gallery to see what the rest of the Ramona and Beezus cast is up to now. 

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