Get ready, guys, because Joey King is teaming up with her sister, Hunter, for a secret project! Yep, according to the Daily Mail, the actresses are about to reunite onscreen, and we can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve!

For those who missed it, the publication shared a series of photos of The Kissing Booth star and her older sis getting silly while they posed for photos to promote a “secret project,” according to the caption posted on Instagram by Jared Eng Studios. Joey stunned in a monochromatic green look, while her sister opted for the classic jeans and button down top.

As fans know, this won’t be the first time the two worked on a project together. That’s right, back in 2019, Joey starred alongside Hunter for a special guest appearance in the comedy Life In Pieces. In the show, Hunter’s character Clementine played the niece of a couple who was adopting Joey’s character’s baby. Although they only got to work together for a few episodes, Joey told EW in an interview at the time that she wanted more opportunities to work alongside her sister.

“Anyone reading this that has any kind of pull, Hunter and I wanna work together more, so put us in your s**t,” the 21-year-old joked. Hunter added, while talking to the publication, “I’ve always wanted to work with Joey. We’ve always talked about how we want to work together and I told my boss that I really want her to come and play and be on the show.

Joey continued, “I was so excited because, it’s true, Hunter and I have always, always wanted to work together — we’ve talked about it countless times; it was our dream to be able to do something together, and this is a great way to introduce that and just to do a little something together and hopefully it’s a little peek into the future and we can work more together.”

Well, from the looks of it, their dream is seriously coming true!

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