While on the set of scary movie The Conjuring back when she was only 12 years old, Joey King had a seriously terrifying experience. And, no, it wasn’t because of ghosts!

“That movie messed me up for my whole life,” the actress explained during a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show. “This is truly the root of why I am so scared of that movie. In the story when the mom gets possessed she gets all these bruises on her. During the filming of those particular scenes, I started having a lot of bruises show up on my body.”

She continued, “The makeup ladies thought I was stealing their fake bruises, and playing a joke on them…They didn’t believe me. They tried to take my real bruises off with rubbing alcohol and oil.”

But that’s not even the scariest part!

“I got a couple blood tests because they told me it looked like it could potentially be early signs of leukemia,” Joey said. “All of a sudden, I am told that I have this blood-thinning condition called ITP. Basically most of my red platelets drained from my body mysteriously. I had never had a blood problem in the past, I’ve never had a blood problem since then. No one in my family has that. I was at risk of needing a blood transfusion, and they were scared to even let me work.”

The 21-year-old went on to explain the treatment that she had while filming the movie, but when the shoot was over, she was back in good health.

“Then when I came home my platelets were completely fine,” Joey said. “I was back up to the normal numbers and I’ve never since had a trace of that disorder.”

She concluded, “I feel so freaked out by it, it’s so scary.”

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