In 2018, Zombies came to Disney Channel, and TBH, it had everything you could ever want in a Disney Channel Original Movie. There were zombies and cheerleaders and not to mention, it was also a musical! But did you know the idea originally started out as a series? The pilot never made it to air and Disney obviously saved the premise for a later project — and we’re so glad they did!

The show version was called Zombies and Cheerleaders and believe it or not, it’s hardly the first time Disney has canceled a show before the pilot has even aired. Tons of your favorite stars like Brec Bassinger, Maia Mitchell, Selena Gomez and more were originally tied to other projects that never got picked up before they had their big breaks. (Poor Luke Benward, TBH. He’s been part of not one, but two failed Disney sitcoms!)

Want to know more about Disney pilots that were canceled before they saw the light of day? Keep reading for all the unaired details!

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