Ever since Zombies premiered in February 2018, fans have been obsessed with the flick. The Disney Channel Original Movie starred Milo ManheimMeg DonnellyTrevor TordjmanKylee RussellCarla Jeffery and more, and with a cast that epic, it’s only natural that the film quickly became a fan favorite, right? But wait, did you know that the idea for Zombies originally started out as a TV show? Yep, the series was supposed to be called Zombies and Cheerleaders, and it was going to star Luke Benward and Maia Mitchell. They even filmed a pilot for it, but in the end, it never aired, and instead, they turned the idea into the movie that fans know and love.

Believe it or not, that isn’t the only show Disney Channel show that got canceled before it premiered. Fans may be shocked to learn that there are actually a bunch of unaired pilots out there that never saw the light of day! J-14 went ahead and made a complete list of them all, and between the awesome ideas and huge stars that were supposed to appear in them, these shows sound like they would have been seriously epic!

Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the Disney Channel shows that got canceled before they aired on TV. 

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