What’s better than one Ms. Darbus? Two, of course! On Thursday, November 21, Alyson Reed — the original Ms. Darbus from the High School Musical film series — teamed up with Julia Lester — the new Ms. Darbus, otherwise known as Ashlyn in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series — for a totally touching video.

In a new featurette exclusive to E! News, the pair totally gushed over meeting each other and the 61-year-old actress admitted that she’s a total fan of the show.

“I love the show!” she said. “It’s so great, so clever, so creative, and there’s such heart, and it’s just terrific.”

Julie responded with gratitude and even admitted she was nervous to put her own spin on such an iconic role.

“Of course I was nervous about wanting to make you proud,” she told Alyson. “If I was doing High School Musical at my real high school where I grew up, I would have 100% been Ms. Darbus.”

For those who don’t know Disney+ just dropped High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which follows a whole new group of East High students, 15 years after the original movies, as they prepare for their school’s production of High School Musical. With new renditions of classic tunes from the films and new songs that are sure-to-be amazing, this series was a brilliant idea and Alyson isn’t the only HSM alum who thinks so.

J-14 recently caught up with Gabriella Montez herself, Vanessa Hudgens, and chatted all things High School Musical. Although she sadly revealed that there’s no chance that the cast will reunite for a High School Musical 4, she did say that she loved what Disney is doing with the series.

“They’re already making a [new] High School Musical and I think their spin on it is so smart. I love what they’re doing,” the 30-year-old said.

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