Ever since news hit the web that they were making a High School Musical spinoff series, there’s been one question on everyone’s mind. And that’s — will the OG stars be in the new show? Well guys, Vanessa Hudgens has finally revealed whether or not she’ll make an appearance, and you might not want to get your hopes up.

“Probably not. Girl ain’t in high school anymore,” she told Seventeen Magazine, in a video uploaded on Wednesday, June 5. “I feel like the whole heart of High School Musical are the students, so I’ll let them be the heart.”

But don’t worry, you guys. Although Vanessa has no plans to be in it, you can expect to see one of the other OG HSM stars in the new show. Yep, you might want to brace yourselves because Zac Efron revealed back in April that he’s totally down to make an appearance.

“Absolutely, 100 percent. I don’t see why not,” he told Extra TV. “I’m not, like, committing to it — I didn’t know there was [a new series], but that’s awesome.”


SCREAMING. As fans know, the new show will premiere on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, on November 12, 2019. It’s called High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and it stars Andi Mack‘s Sofia WylieStuck in the Middle star Joshua Bassett and Bizaardvark actress Olivia Rodrigo. Wow, talk about an epic cast!

As for the plot, instead of remaking the Disney Channel original movies, the story will follow a whole new group of East High students as they get ready to perform their school’s production of High School Musical. And get this — it’ll have a ton of new songs and a bunch of the old classics. We seriously can’t wait!

And prepare to get emotional, you guys, because even though Vanessa has definitely closed that chapter of her life, she still loves to reminisce about it. And when Seventeen asked the 30-year-old actress which scene from the DCOM’s was her favorite to film, she revealed that it was the “We’re All in This Together” dance number.

“All of us together, doing the choreography that we had been rehearsing for weeks, I don’t know, it just felt really magical,” she gushed to the outlet.

Aww! BRB, going to watch the movies on repeat until the new show comes out.

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