Let’s get a show of hands — who here was obsessed with The Princess Switch? We know we were. The hilarious and adorable Christmas flick was pretty much all of our obsessions last December — especially since it starred Vanessa Hudgens! And now, we just found out that our fave High School Musical actress is gearing up for another Netflix Christmas movie, and this time, she’s going to produce it too!

According to Deadline, the new movie is called The Knight Before Christmas, and it “follows a gallant English knight who seeks out his true quest after a sorceress inadvertently sends him from the medieval era to present day. While there he soon finds himself falling for a caring high school science teacher who is disillusioned by love.”

Knights? Sorcerers? Medieval era? Boy, does that sound intense. But who will play the knight, you ask? Josh Whitehouse has been cast for the role and he’s a major cutie. You may recognize him from the show Valley Girl or the movie The Receptionist. According to the outlet, filming is set to begin next month, and we seriously can’t wait!

The movie is definitely going to be epic. We mean, anything that has the former Disney star in it is bound to be amazing, right? Plus, who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie? And since Netflix has been behind some of our favorite films in the past (like The Kissing Booth, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Dumplin’), we are confident that this one will not disappoint.

Although we’re super pumped about The Knight Before Christmas, we’re low-key still hoping that they’ll make a Princess Switch sequel. Vanessa did say back in November that she was down, however, she had a very interesting idea for it.

“I honestly don’t even know where it would go, because we already got our happy endings. We’d have to create more conflict, or maybe there would a third twin. Spruce things up a little bit,” the 30-year-old actress told Glamour. “I have no idea. I’m going to leave that one up to the writers, but I know that I had so much fun doing it. The characters are so sweet that I would definitely be on board.”

OMG. Can you imagine how iconic that would be? Ugh, can it be Christmastime already?

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