The holiday season is quickly approaching and honestly, there’s never a wrong time to watch a feel-good Christmas movie. They just make you feel all warm and fuzzy and when you’re snuggled up on the couch with some hot cocoa watching these oh so adorable movies, well, there’s nothing better. And then you add in Vanessa Hudgens and you have a total gem. That’s right, our girl V is starring in The Princess Switch, and it’s going to be everyone’s fave Christmas movie.

Hitting Netflix on Nov. 17, the movie tells the story of a baker named Stacy and a Duchess named Margaret who happen to look exactly the same. The girls run into each other and decide to swap places for two days. See, Margaret is set to marry a prince on New Year’s Eve and she just wants to experience life as, well, not a royal before she walks down the aisle. So Stacy cuts her hair in order to look like the Duchess, they swap accents, and trade places. As you can imagine, each girl starts to find the perks to living as each other, and nearly blow their covers quite a few times. Yes, this plot sounds just like The Parent Trap, and every other possible twin, let’s trade lives movie, but we don’t care. WE ARE HERE FOR IT. Check out the trailer to see for yourself:

So not only do we get double the Vanessa in this movie, but we’re treated to two major babes as love interests. Yes, we are already sold on this movie. The 29-year-old starlet took to Twitter to let everyone know Christmas is coming early thanks to the film.

And fans are already getting too excited to see this movie too.

Yeah, so it might be a plot we’ve seen time and time again but hey, it always works so why not keeping making movies like this? We’ll be watching.

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