The days of Vanessa Hudgens being a Wildcat might be long gone, but that doesn’t mean the High School Musical bond ever fades. In fact, V herself made a promise to fans that a little surprise for all the HSM lovers out there was coming – and since then, we’ve been waiting. She didn’t think we forgot, did she? We all got our hopes WAY up.

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But alas, V has come through and premiered the music video for her new song with Phantoms called “Lay With Me.” In the vid, she legit recreates the iconic “Breaking Free” performance scene from the end of the first HSM movie. CAN YOU HEAR OUR SOBS ALREADY? She literally transformed back into Gabriella and brought on a serious case of the feels.

vanessa hudgens hsm music video

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She even had a little moment with Troy Bolton. Yes, we’re aware that is not Zac Efron, but it’s still v cute.

vanessa and troy twirl

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V whips off the lab coat and revealed a stunning golden dress she had on underneath, getting more comfortable on stage. Literally bringing us Gabriella, 2018 edition. Also, peep the moon in the background. The details are just everything.

vanessa hudgens as gabriella

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By the end of the video, she’s full-on Vanessa mode, saying goodbye to Gabriella. But girl does a jazz square – and as Ryan taught us in the movie, everyone loves a jazz square.

vanessa hudgens jazz square

What a delight. Check out the full video so you can just cry along with us:

So how did we end up with this total delight of a music video? When the 29-year-old starlet caught up with Bustle in the beginning of August 2018 and she spoke about how she’s fully aware and grateful for HSM‘s impact and how much it still means so much to many people, more than a decade after the first movie aired.

“I mean, it’s really special. So many people that have seen [High School Musical] have been inspired to pursue their dreams in the arts, and that’s such a special thing to be a part of,” she said.

OK, now it’s always nice for fans to know the stars of a movie (or franchise) they hold near and dear are still excited to have been a part of it. Love that she loves it, too. But then, Vanessa went to reveal that she would be releasing “Lay With Me,” and the accompanying music video was going to send everyone into a frenzy. 

“The fans are going to freak out over the music video because it’s very nostalgic. I mean, one can jump to conclusions,” she said without getting too specific – but with a laugh – when she was asked if it’s possibly HSM-related. So to us, it was CRYSTAL CLEAR, she was letting us know that there is some sort of High School Musical reference going on in this video. And she did not disappoint! 

Naturally, our minds jumped right to a reunion of sorts. We know V and the Sharpay to her Gabriella, Ashley Tisdale, are still the best of friends. The girls did reunite to sing a song for Ash’s YouTube channel since we never did get a proper duet from them in any of the three Disney Channel musical movies, so that would’ve been overload to see them in this vid together reprising their roles. But instead, we got Vanessa returning to East High for this music video, performing the song as if she was her character Gabriella. While the fate of a fourth High School Musical movie is still up in the air, we do know a HSM show is coming in 2019, but this gift from an OG Wildcat before we usher in a new era was a true treat. Thanks, V.


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