If there’s one thing that would blow people’s minds, it’s seeing the whole High School Musical cast together – mainly Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, and Vanessa Hudgens together again. Fans know that although The Greatest Showman star and the Young & Hungry actress have maintained a friendship since saying goodbye to East High, the same can’t be said for once beloved couple Zanessa.

Just last year during an interview, the Powerless starlet admitted that she and her ex have not spoken in years, putting a slight damper on that whole Wildcats reunion thing. Though Ashley didn’t let that hope die – in fact, she had fans thinking that for a second, the three of them had actually reunited. On Instagram, the actress shared an edited picture someone had made of the trio at the Golden Globes. Yes, they were all in attendance but they somehow managed to not cross paths throughout the night. Ashley captioned the picture someone created, “What a great reunion we had ??? (photoshop is getting too real).”

Okay, so of course fans are totally bummed that this actually didn’t happen, but they’re totally freaking out about what could have been. Some have even taken to the comments section, asking Ashley to get everyone together again. It doesn’t seem like something that would be too hard to arrange, considering she’s still extremely close with Zac and Vanessa. Then again, the former couple may be the only hurdle standing in it’s way, considering they have zero contact with one another.

Then again, a lot of time has passed since they’re breakup and they’ve both clearly moved on. So who knows, maybe this picture is all the motivation they need to get a couple of the Wildcats together again for an actual reunion. Here’s hoping, because we’ve totally got our fingers crossed.

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