Since High School Musical first hit Disney Channel in 2006, one thing has been true — Zac Efron is and always will be Troy Bolton. That’s why when the news first broke back in the day that Drew Seeley was actually the one singing all of Troy’s vocals in the movie, fans were shook to their core.

Now, years later, one question is still on all HSM fans’ minds — Why didn’t Zac sing? It’s been years since the first movie premiered, but everyone’s still wondering why he waited until High School Musical 2 to share his true singing voice with the world. The truth, just might surprise you! As fans know, Drew Seeley‘s voice was actually used during the first movie.

“It put me in an awkward position,” Zac admitted to theOrlando Sentinel in 2017. “It’s not something I expected to be addressed. Then High School Musical blew up. I’m very fortunate that Drew has gotten proper credit and also that I’ve gotten the opportunity to come back and try it again with my own voice. He’s very talented. I consider myself a regular kid that can carry a tune.”

Drew, for his part, talked about the entire situation during a 2008 interview. “I feel like Zac was cast right for that. I think he was really good in the film and obviously his career is blowing up and I wish him the best,” he said at the time, nothing that he had to “win over the crowd” during the High School Musical tour. “Most people were like, ‘Where’s Zac? Here’s everybody else.’ But I was the first one to get on stage every night and I think by the end of the first song I won over the crowd.”

Years later, in August 2021, Drew also told fans in a now-viral TikTok video that he has no regrets about singing for HSM.

“I did audition for it. Any actor would have loved that role, but Zac did a great job. He was the right man for the job,” the actor explained. “I did get to do the tours, so everybody wins, much love. There’s no drama. People trying to say there’s drama? There really isn’t.”

Of course, now fans know both guys have amazing singing voices, but what’s been said over the years about this Disney Channel mystery? Scroll through our gallery to find out the real reason why Zac Efron didn’t sing in High School Musical.

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