These High School Musical: The Musical: The Series stars have taken their relationship from East High into the real world. After months of speculation from fans, Frankie A. Rodriguez and Joe Serafini confirmed that they are a couple when the cameras stop rolling!

“We haven’t been really secretive about it, but we are dating in real life,” Frankie shared during a May 2021 interview with Hollywire.

As fans know, the duo made headlines after HSMTMTS premiered in November 2019 and they became the first openly gay couple in the High School Musical franchise’s history. In season 1, episode 5, Frankie and Joe’s characters, Carlos and Seb, shared their first ever #Seblos moment when they went to East High’s homecoming dance together.

“[The series is] really shedding light as to what high school life is like right now and making sure that those kids that have never seen themselves onscreen have, finally, someone to connect to,” Frankie told the Los Angeles Times in December 2019 about his onscreen romance.

During a separate interview with POPSUGAR from May 2021, Joe also gushed over bringing Seb and Carlos’ story to love. “They’re both such innocent, wholesome characters at the end of the day,” the actor said. “I mean, they’re drama kids. It’s just really fun to see them navigating how to let each other know that they care about each other, but of course that comes with questions and being so unsure of yourself and second-guessing everything.”

Since the show first premiered, the fictional couple has continued to break barriers on TV for the LGBTQ+ community. In June 2021, Frankie and Joe reacted to making “Disney history” with their characters’ kiss during an episode titled “The Quinceañero.”

“[The kiss] was something that our creator, Tim Federle, pulled us aside and was like, ‘We earned it,’” Frankie told J-14 exclusively, explaining that it “wasn’t” a scripted moment. “Of course, we were game and so excited to take part in Disney history, which is crazy to say.”

Viewers of the show were also quick to point out on social media that the iconic #Seblos kiss took place during Pride Month, but that wasn’t planned! “We thought the show was supposed to air, you know, a year ago,” Frankie told J-14, noting how it was pushed back due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “The fact that how it kind of just happened to be during this month, I mean, that you can’t make that up.”

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