Warning: Spoilers ahead. Now that the first season of Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is officially over, fans are patiently waiting to see what’s next for their favorite East High theater kids.

For those who missed it, the final installment in the show’s inaugural season followed the characters as they put on their stage version of High School Musical. That’s not all! Ricky finally admitted his feelings for Nini and said he loved her, leaving fans shook. Soon after, Nini found out that she secured a spot in Salt Lake City’s most prestigious music school. What does that mean for the new couple?

“That is such a good question that I can’t wait for viewers of episode 2×01 to discover,” HSMTMTS showrunner and executive producer Tim Federle told ET in an exclusive interview. “At the very moment she has forgiven Ricky for falling apart on her all those months ago and accepted him back in her life and he’s finally able to say the word ‘love,’ she’s also given this extraordinary opportunity. The first thing she’s thinking is, ‘What am I going to do now?,’ which is the very question I hope the audience leaves wondering too.”

As fans know, Ashlyn and Big Red locked lips during the finale’s credits scene, so Tim also dished on exploring that relationship in the upcoming season.

“One of the things I’m excited about exploring with those two actors, but really with all our actors, is really expanding the show to be the ensemble dramedy-comedy that I think it was always meant to be,” he explained. “I’m trying to portray young love as healthily as possible, but with all of the sloppiness and sadness that goes with it.”

Those aren’t the only love stories fans will get to see in the series’ second season.

“Exploring Miss Jenn’s romantic situation is a great headline for one of the things I’m approaching with this character in season two,” he revealed.

Not only will season two bring all the relationship drama fans know and love, but according to Tim, there will be some new characters too!

“We announced that Seb is stepping up as a series regular, so he’ll be in every episode,” the producer said. “I’m looking big picture at how we expand the show, so that definitely includes the idea of new characters. Exactly where they’ll land or who they’ll be is still in clay phase. But yeah, generally speaking in second seasons of shows, there are new faces and people to meet, so hopefully we’ll get some of that in our show too.”

Currently, there’s no official word as to when HSMTMTS season 2 will hit the streaming service.

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