Is anyone else obsessed with High School Musical: The Musical: The Series? The new Disney+ show premiered on November 12, 2019, and it quickly became a fan favorite. It stars Sofia Wylie from Andi Mack, Stuck in the Middle‘s Joshua Bassett, Bizaardvark star Olivia Rodrigo, Kate ReindersMatt CornettDara ReneéJulia LesterFrankie A. RodriguezLarry Saperstein and Mark St. Cyr. It follows a new group of East High students as they prepare for their school’s production of — wait for it — High School MusicalIt takes place 15 years after the original movies, and fans cannot get enough of it.

The music video for the latest High School Musical: The Musical: The Series original song, “Born to be Brave,” dropped on December 5, 2019, and Dara just spilled all the tea on new track exclusively to J-14. She also shared a bunch of behind-the-scenes secrets, so prepare to fall even more in love with the series.

J-14: What is the message behind “Born to be Brave?”

Dara Reneé: The message behind “Born to be Brave” is to simply be yourself while having no fear of other people’s judgements. And always be confident in expressing yourself knowing that you are powerful, beautiful and unique.

J-14: What does it specifically mean to you?

Dara: To me, “Born to be Brave” specifically means to never have fear of what others may think. This song shows me that I’m ok just as I am and I should never second guess myself. It reminds me that loving myself fully is fiercely powerful.

J-14: Can you share any High School Musical: The Musical: The Series behind-the-scenes secrets?

Dara: We literally hung out almost every day and just explored Utah, it was so beautiful. We also have a few ghost stories that happened on set that still scare the heck out of me.

J-14: Are you close with your castmates when the cameras stop rolling?

Dara: So close! We literally hung out every day after we filmed. I love them all so much, they are talented and so sweet. I’m just grateful that I have the opportunity to work with them!

J-14: What was your all time favorite scene to film?

Dara: My favorite scene to film was in episode 8, it was a really awesome moment for Kourtney. I can’t say too much because I don’t want to spoil anything, but it did remind me of a memorable moment that I had in high school.

J-14: Were you a HSM fan when you were younger? If so, who was your favorite character?

Dara: Yes! I was obsessed! I had all the merch, knew all the choreography and knew all the songs. I was in love with all the characters! And because I was and still am obsessed with musical theatre those movies were my jam! My all-time favorite character would have to be Taylor. I saw myself in her and she made science look cool (which I really appreciated). Taylor was never afraid to speak her mind and I loved that!

J-14: What does it feel like to be a part of a show that was based on such an iconic set of movies?

Dara: It’s honestly mind-blowing. I still can’t believe it! All of this has been a dream come true. Words can’t describe how grateful I am.

J-14: Can you spill any Season 2 spoilers?

Dara: I legit know nothing! I’m trying to get someone to spill the tea but everyone has their lips sealed!.

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