Happy Holidays! Perhaps the most exciting thing about this time of year — besides all the family time, unlimited supply of food, and of course, the gifts — is the funny Christmas movies. Because who doesn’t want to spend every single day leading up to the holiday break sprawled out on the couch watching hysterical seasonal classics like Home Alone and Jingle All the Way? Christmas movies just come with the territory of December.

There are so many to choose from — watch Arnold Schwarzenegger play a semi-dead-beat dad who ends up transforming into super dad when he literally turns into Turbo Man, his son’s favorite superhero. Or the craziness that ensues when Clark Griswold’s family stops by for the holidays. Or of course, Will Ferrell, everyone’s favorite sugar-eating, syrup-drinking, carol-singing Elf.

Keep reading to find out the best funny Christmas movies of all time!

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