Get ready for hot cocoa, snowball fights, snowman-building and everything else that comes with winter — because the season is almost upon us. But as exciting as all of that is, most people can agree that there’s one major thing that trumps everything else when it comes to the best part of winter — the holidays! And what better way than to get into the spirit of the season by streaming Christmas movies.

Between buying and receiving loads of presents, waiting for Santa, decorating the tree, spending time with family and eating a lot of good food, there’s a lot to look forward to as Christmas and Hanukkah get closer. The holidays are just around the corner. Especially, by starting off with Home Alone.

Starring Macaulay Culkin, the movie follows the story of a young boy named Kevin McCallister who is stranded home when his parents depart on a trip to France. While left to his own devices, the youngster must fend off two criminals attempting to break into his house.

“Christmas is my time of year,” the star told Us Weekly in November 2019. “I get recognized 10 times more between the months of November and January. I have no idea why.”

Macaulay joked that “it’s a beautiful curse/a tricky blessing” that he has to see his younger self “on TV every two seconds” during the holiday season.


That’s not the only classic we have on repeat throughout the colder months. It’s safe to say that everyone will spending more time than ever wrapped up in some blankets and binge-watching movies — what about Elf?!

“The first two weeks of shooting were kind of all the exteriors in New York and so, you know, still kind of discovering what this movie’s going to be and running around New York City in yellow tights,” star Will Ferrell said on The Late Late Show With James Corden in 2018. The actor also recalled “people recognizing me from Saturday Night Live going, ‘Are you okay? What’s going on?’ and thinking to myself this is either going to be a home run or people are going to go, ‘Whatever happened to you? Why did you do that one about the elf?’”

Of course, it’s since become a huge film!

Well, for those looking for a flick to watch this holiday season, J-14 went ahead and made a complete guide to the best Christmas-themed movies. Grab some popcorn and bring on the holiday cheer! Scroll through our gallery for a list of all the holiday movies that you just have to watch before Christmas. 

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