Christmas time is getting closer and closer, and what better way is there to celebrate than by watching some holiday movies? Well, for those looking for a flick to watch this holiday season, J-14‘s got you covered! There’s a brand new Christmas movie coming to Netflix on November 8, 2019, called Let It Snow, and boy, does it sound like it’s going to be good.

The movie stars a bunch of Hollywood’s biggest actors and actresses, including Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actress Kiernan ShipkaDescendants star Mitchell HopeDora the Explorer alum Isabela Merced, Dumplin’ star Odeya Rush, Anna Akana, Shameik MooreLiv Hewson and Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Jacob Batalon. The movie is based off a book written by Maureen JohnsonJohn Green and Lauren Myracle, and it follows a group of high school students as a snowstorm hits their town on Christmas Eve. According to Netflix, their “love lives collide thanks to a stranded pop star, a stolen keg, a squad of competitive dancers, a mysterious woman covered in tinfoil and an epic party at the local Waffle Town.”

Sounds intense! Well guys, prepare to get even more pumped for the holiday flick because some of the cast members just spilled all the behind-the-scenes secrets exclusively to J-14.

J-14: Tell us about ‘Let It Snow!’ What is it about?

Mitchell Hope: It’s a romantic comedy. It’s a Christmas film. It’s a lot of fun. There’s so much happening, it’s all kind of intertwined the way Love Actually is.

Isabela Merced: I like to describe it as a teen, American version of Love Actually. It’s very real — there’s a lot of sadder moments. It’s not corny at all in my opinion, which is something that’s kind of rare now-a-days in rom-coms. That’s kind of what attracted it to me initially, because of it being so real. And me, I’m a very judge-y rom-com viewer, so for me to want to be a part of this… There’s something special about it, you know?

J-14: Who do you play? Can you tell us about your character?

Mitchell: Tobin, my character, is hopelessly in love with the Duke, who’s played by Kiernan. The whole film is set around one day. My story is about Tobin trying to find the courage to tell the Duke how he feels, but there’s some other things in the way, some other people in the way, and the Duke doesn’t realize that Tobin is anything more than a good friend. He’s friend-zoned, I guess.

Isabela: I play Julie. In the books her name is Jubilee, which I think is great because it shows how much her mom is obsessed with Christmas. But Julie is quite the opposite. They’re similar in the sense that they both want to control things and be in charge of where their lives are going, but Julie is kind of a pessimist. She doesn’t really like Christmas and she thinks it’s all kind of a lie — that everyone’s happy around Christmas and everyone should be happy around Christmas and in love — and I kind of relate to her in that sense.

J-14: Are there any behind-the-scenes stories or funny memories that you can share form on set?

Mitchell: Honestly, everything Kiernan and I did, if there was a moment where we could mess around, we’d take it. It was great. I hadn’t been with a cast member that messes around as much as I do before, and Kiernan just loves to. It gets rowdy with me and Kiernan. We play a lot of games to keep ourselves entertained.

Isabela: We all loved to play pranks on each other. It was kind of like a winter camp, with all these young adults in a hotel. One time, there was this really ugly sculpture, I kind of hated this sculpture. It was in the lobby of our hotel that we were staying at and I just kind of hated it. Pretty much, we picked up the sculpture — it was me, Odeya, Jason and Liz — and we picked it up and we put it in front of Anna’s door. We just thought it would be funny, but the next day — by the way this sculpture was huge so she would have had to roll it out of her way in order to leave her hotel room. But the next day we found out that she had completely had a meltdown because she had previously had these weird experiences in her hotel and she thought that she was getting haunted by a ghost. And then, when she saw that sculpture she literally started crying and freaking out. In a way it was sad, but it was also the perfect prank.

J-14: What was your relationship like with your cast members once the cameras stopped rolling?

Mitchell: Kiernan and I would always play Heads Up, we would always play that game to pass the time. Sometimes on set, they’ll say, ‘Take a half hour break, we have to set up the camera,’ so you’ve always got time to mess around. So it ends up being, how can we fill the time? So we always were playing these games and trying to have fun. It’s a riot with Kiernan, it’s a lot of fun. We were always going around and messing with people and playing jokes on each other. It’s a lot of fun with Kiernan, and with Jacob as well.

Isabela: It was quite interesting because most of the time we weren’t really working together. We didn’t really have a lot of scenes together because we all had our own stories, but when we did come together we really didn’t get much done because we were always talking or just hanging out. We would go to the same restaurant every night. It was cool. I was a little worried there would be drama because, you know, it’s a bunch of young people for three months together, but really there wasn’t. Everyone in the cast was super mature and it was just great to be able to work with people my age. We even hung out after the movie stopped filming in L.A. It’s great to be able to still maintain those friendships after the cameras stop rolling. It’s hard, we always want to hang out together, we’re in a group chat texting, but everyone’s so busy, you know? Everyone’s so successful, it’s not like I’m complaining, it’s just the way it is.

J-14: What was your all-time favorite scene to film?

Mitchell: The broom ball scene! We played broom ball, and I’ve never really been on the ice before. I went ice skating once in Australia but there’s not much ice in Australia so it was a lot of fun being there with the guys who play the Champagne brothers — Jon and Jamie. Doing that scene was great. And the scene where I kind of stand up for myself against the twins, the bullies, that was a lot of fun. Those guys are really, really nice. They’re lovely guys.

Isabela: Probably, the last scene! Either the scene where we’re dancing to Mick Jagger with Stuart and my mom and Grandpa, or the last scene. I guess I just really like dancing because the last scene is also where we’re dancing all together — the whole cast in a Waffle House. While we were actually filming, I don’t think they cut. I don’t know if we even heard them cut because we were so loud. There was music playing, our director Luke Snellin loves playing music in between takes. So we just kind of kept going. At one point, there was a waffle that somebody brought out and it had Shameik (he plays Stewart) sign it with an autograph, and I thought that was really funny. Somebody started rubbing Jacob’s head, I don’t know, things got weird.

Let It Snow is out now on Netflix!

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