Well, Disney Channel fans, your prayers have been answered because the trailer for Ashley Tisdale and Bridgit Mendler‘s new Netflix series, titled Merry Happy Whatever, is finally here!

Back in March, it was announced that the leading ladies would be joining Hollywood legend Dennis Quaid for a laugh-out-loud funny series about coming home for the holidays. After watching the trailer, there’s no doubt that once the sure-to-be hilarious show drops on Thursday, November 28, it will be a fan-favorite in no time.

According to Deadline, the series follows the 65-year-old actor as “Don Quinn, patriarch devoted to his Philly family but not so embracing of outsiders. When daughter youngest daughter Emmy arrives home from L.A. with new boyfriend and struggling musician Matt, dad’s family motto ‘there’s the Quinn way… and the wrong way’ comes out in full force.”

It’s too soon to tell what happens once the Quinn family meets a potential new member, but from the looks of it, hilarity ensues.

The two Disney darlings recently sat down with Extra TV and spilled all the tea on the new series. They got real about what makes the Quinn family so relatable and even talked about holiday traditions, from putting up the Christmas tree to hanging lights and everything in between.

“Well I think, you know, with this series, what’s so cool about it is that every episode is a day on the holidays leading to New Year’s,” the High School Musical star said. “So each episode is like a tradition that they do, which is like getting the Christmas tree. Then another episode is caroling, you know, doing the Christmas lights and what’s so great about it is that…what’s so great about this family is that each episode is so in the moment and there’s so much about their traditions, but they also are so dysfunctional that it’s very relatable.”

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