Ever since he first stepped onto the Hollywood scene and stole fans’ hearts has King Ben in the Descendants films, some people have been totally obsessed with Mitchell Hope! Yep, the Australian actor is super cute, and since 2015, fans have wanted to know if he’s single. So, we broke it all down!

“I’ve been so incredibly lucky to be doing the thing I love every single day,” he told Vanity Teen in April 2022. “When I started performing as a teenager, acting in plays at the local youth theater, and shooting silly little shorts with my brothers, I never would have thought in my wildest dreams that this is where I’d be today. I get to fly around the world to work with talented, creative people on projects that inspire me.”

The Disney actor also shouted out where he got his start and how grateful he is for Kenny Ortega, the director of the Descendants movies. “I’m so grateful to Kenny Ortega and to all the people who helped me get to where I am today. If it weren’t for them, I would still be a Melbourne bartender doing silly voices and making silly faces. I guess I’m still doing the silly faces and voices, but who knew someone would actually pay me for that?”

Throughout his time in the spotlight, the newly 26-year-old has kept his private life, sort of, under wraps and doesn’t really post on social media that often. Over the years, he’s been pretty open about the one relationship that we know of — with actress Tayla Audrey — but it’s seriously unclear whether or not they’re still together. Yep, sorry guys, we know they used to be the most adorable couple on the market but we may never know if Mitchell and Tayla are still together.

What exactly went down between them? Is Mitchell dating anyone new? Did he ever date any of his Descendants costars? Well, no worries Mitchell fans because we investigated and have all the answers! Scroll through our gallery for a look at Mitchell Hope’s dating history.

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