If you're a Descendants fan, then you know how dreamy of a character King Ben is and he's played by the oh so adorable Mitchell Hope. Seriously, Ben and Mal's relationship is up there with being one of Disney Channel's most iconic and they really do have such great chemistry together.

mal and ben

Dove Cameron even gushed exclusively to J-14 about how IRL, she and Mitchell have the sweetest bond ever.

"Mitchell is one of my favorite people on the face of the Earth. I mean that in a real way. You know how people say that in Hollywood? I wouldn’t say that unless I meant it. He’s a really sensitive human being and so am I. So when two people recognize a commonality, it’s like looking across the room at someone the first day of school and it’s like I see me in you and you see you in me," Dove told us. RIGHT, PRECIOUS?

But as much as fans would love to see Dove and Mitchell as an actual couple (you know, like how Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens brought their fictional power couple of Troy and Gabriella to life) these two are more like brother and sister and are just the best of friends. Dove is happily dating their Descendants 2 co-star Thomas Doherty, Harry Hook himself. And what about Mitchell? He's happily in love too! That's right, he has a stunning girlfriend and the pair have been together for years. They're a major dose of cuteness overload too.

Who is Mitchell's girlfriend?

Mitchell's leading lady is Tayla Audrey, a 21-year-old actress from Melbourne, which is where Mitch is from too. She was his date not only to the first Descendants movie premiere…

mitchell hope girlfriend

But the second one as well.

mitchell hope girlfriend 2

How cute of a couple are they?!

How long has Mitchell been dating his girlfriend?

It's unclear as to exactly how long they have been officially together as a couple, but Tayla posted their first ever pic together that was snapped in 2012, so it's safe to say they've had a ~thing~ for each other for around five years now. "The first photo we ever took together, back in 2012 when I had to worlds biggest crush on you and the worlds worst fringe," she wrote in the caption.

Is Tayla a member of the Descendants family?

Tayla didn't appear in either of the Descendants movies, but she's as proud as ever of her bae and she hangs out with the cast too. Just look at how fab she looks posing Sofia Carson.

And even though they're both super busy with their respective careers, they work hard on the whole long-distance relationship things. Except when Mitchell decides to watch Game of Thrones without Tayla.

We feel you, girl.

Is Mitchell a dad?

While Mitch and Tayla don't have any human babies just yet, they are parents to a dog! In 2015, the couple adopted their precious pooch named Harvey together and they are still proud parents to the little cutie.

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So yes, Mitchell is oh so in love with the girl who has had his heart for years and they are legit goals all around.

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What an adorable little family. And now we all have plenty more reasons to totally swoon over this prince. Or king we should say.

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