Get ready, Descendants fans, because the story may not be over after all! Just seven months after the third and final movie of the franchise aired, it’s been reported that Disney may turn it into a Broadway play! OMG.

According to, a stage adaptation of the Disney Channel original movie series is now available for licensing. It will reportedly be based off all three of the flicks and will contain old songs — which will be adapted by Madeline Smith and orchestrated by Matthew Tishler — as well as new tunes — which will be written by Nick Blaemire!

Wow, this is seriously the best news ever. But wait, will the original cast hit the stage to reprise their roles? Well, it’s unfortunately unclear at the moment, but back in September 2019, Dove Cameron dropped a major hint that she was going to be involved!

“I may or may not have heard something about something that I might be doing involving the franchise. I would never say that it’s over, but I also would never confirm anything at this time. I would be open to doing more,” she dished to Digital Spy. “To be completely honest, as an actor who is not beholden to Disney, I would say that I think it would be smart for them to capitalize on the brand that they created. I think it would be smart to do maybe a spin-off with maybe the younger characters. I know that Disney has been very specific about saying that this world doesn’t really ever end, it goes on forever and the possibilities are endless.”

Descendants Disney

But don’t expect a fourth flick any time soon because the actress also admitted that she had mixed feelings about starring in another Descendants movie. For those who forgot, the third film came out just weeks after Cameron Boyce tragically passed away after suffering an epileptic seizure. He played Carlos De Vil in the movies, and was only 20 years old at the time of his tragic death.

“What happened was so incredibly heart wrenching for all of us and something we could not recover from,” the blonde beauty admitted to HollywoodLife. “And so, I think that the idea of making another movie, while it would be nostalgic for all of us and while it would be healing in a lot of ways, it might also be super wrong. So it could go either way and it depends on how we’re all feeling and I think that the beautiful thing that Disney has done is that they have very much created a safe space for the cast to be wherever they’re at. They canceled everything when Cameron passed and I know they want what’s in all of our best interests, so we’ll see. I doubt it, but we’ll see.”

As for Sofia Carson, she told Entertainment Tonight, “The Descendants franchise changed all of our lives. I don’t think any of us can imagine it without Cameron. I love Evie. Who knows what the future holds.”

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