For those of us who love and cried uncontrollably during The Fault In Our Stars – so basically, everyone – we've got some sad, day ruining news for you. John Green just announced that he might never write another book again. Cue the tears!

According to the author in a new Vlog Brothers YouTube post, he felt so much pressure to follow up the success of his massive best selling book that he had difficulty writing much of anything else! Of the pressure John faced, he said, "I started to feel this intense pressure, like people were watching over my shoulder while I was writing. Somewhere in that period, my job stopped being Person Who Writes Books, which is a present-tense job title, and became Person Who Wrote That One Book, which is a past-tense job title."

John also discusses whether or not there will be any new books that he will release in the near future, saying, "Writing had always been a safe and sane way to pore out my obsessiveness and recursive thinking. But then suddenly it didn't provide that release anymore."

He added, "I missed writing, but in the way you miss someone you used to love. I don't know if I'll ever publish another book and even if I do, I don't know whether people will like it."

Watch the author talk about his feelings on a new book below:

Well, now that we've had the time to collect our emotions and stop crying, maybe a break like this is exactly what John needs. After all, before he released TFIOS, he also wrote and released Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson back to back.

But John, being the gracious writer that he is, didn't let us cry for too long and released this statement on his Twitter:

Well, there you have it folks, straight from the author himself. Now, we're going to just sit here and wait until John finally decides to release his new book…any day now.

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