Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad! Elf, the Christmas comedy classic starring Will Ferrell on his journey to meet his father in New York City, has become a holiday staple. So, will we ever see more of Buddy’s adventures? Keep reading for details on Elf 2, what Will has to say about it and more.

Will There Be an ‘Elf 2’?

Sadly, there are no plans to make a sequel to Elf. On top of that, Will has called the proposition of a second Elf movie “pathetic.”

No seriously, when asked by USA Today in 2013 whether he would be down for a second film, he replied, “Absolutely not.” The SNL alum added how he feels “it would look slightly pathetic” if he ever tried to “squeeze back in the elf tights.”

As Will is no stranger to sequels now — take Anchorman 2Daddy’s Home 2, or Zoolander 2, for example — it’s pretty surprising that he’s so quick to write off a second Elf movie.

On top of that, Will’s refusal to return to the film has even dissuaded the studio from ever making Elf 2 without him. “In the beginning there was talk of sequel, and it never came to be, probably for the best as now it exists as its own thing,” Elf director Jon Favreau told Yahoo in 2016.

The Marvel director explained how Elf‘s studio, New Line Cinema, sometimes “pitch [him] different takes on it.” However, he did reveal that he does wonder if there could be some “follow-up” that may not be a “straight sequel.”

“But it comes up,” he said. “I hear from the studio who pitch me different takes on it. There is part of me that wonders if there’s anything to be done to follow-up ‘Elf,’ but I think a straight sequel is probably not the right move.”

Will There Be an ‘Elf’ Remake Without Will Ferrell?

During an interview with People Magazine in November 2023, Elf casting director Susie Farris revealed that she would “love to” work on an Elf remake, and even revealed who she’d like to see play Buddy other than Will.

“Off the top of my head, I’m just going to say Bill Hader,” she shared. “I just think that he’s quirky and endearing and yeah, I’d like to see Bill Hader.”

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